Two Scrums Up

Vulnerability, Making Mistakes, and Being Wrong

March 02, 2021 Sarah Rose Belok & John Ragozzine, Certified Scrum Masters Season 2 Episode 203
Two Scrums Up
Vulnerability, Making Mistakes, and Being Wrong
Show Notes

Vulnerability, making mistakes, and being wrong are critical to our teams’ success! As leaders across Scrum roles, in modeling our own vulnerability through seeking help, sharing fears, admitting mistakes, or admitting failure we invite the same in our team. In this episode, we reflect on our mistakes, argue about the separation of work and home, and discuss how an atmosphere of vulnerability opens the door to creativity, learning, and growth.

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Show Norms

  • Be transparent about where we're at. Only record show when we're both ready.
  • Tell me where your head is at. This will help us adapt to our moods and tones. 
  • Share the mic. Push for equity of voice in recording and editing.
  • Respect each other's privacy. 
  • Use 'I'. Avoid broad generalizations.
  • Speak your truth. Stay positive, but honest.
  • Ask WHY. If something's unclear, we push each other to clarify.
  • We make decisions together. Nothing goes live unless we are both happy.
  • We will make mistakes, tell me when so I can learn.


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